5 Women of Medium Who Inspire Me

I have met some of the most amazing women on this platform

Although I wish I could do this more often with men, there are several instances with women on Medium when I’ve either said or thought, soul sisters! There’s a feeling I get when I know that this person understands me, though we’ve never met. Their words touch me deeply or they create a deep connection. This is not only the sign of a great writer, but it’s the spark of something really meaningful, and it’s the reason I stay on this platform.

There are five women who have jumpstarted my journey on Medium and been key players in my success here. I’d love to introduce you to them, and I hope you read their stories and enjoy their wisdom, truth, kindness, and authenticity as much as I have.

Kimberly Fosu

Kimberly was one of the first people who gave me a “break” on Medium. I’ve only been here seriously since November 2020, and around that time, I decided to submit my stories to some publications. I primarily came here to write about spirituality, and Kimberly is the editor of Mystic Minds, which I identified as a good fit for my writing. She was one of the first editors to accept my stories, which still needed a lot of work. She took the time to make multiple suggestions and edits to my writing in order to make it succeed. She is a pro at this, and she didn’t mind stopping to teach someone else.

As a result of her detailed help, I have produced some of my highest-earning articles, and my first-ever distributed article. Now I am a regular contributor to her publication, and almost all of my most successful stories are there. I am so grateful to Kimberly.

I was lucky enough to meet her IRL on a very cold day about two months ago. She is an inspiring woman. Here’s a story she just published about gratitude. Kimberly, I am grateful for YOU.

Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

Michelle showed up in my journey early in my activities on Medium. She was the editor of an up-and-coming publication which has since disappeared, but now she’s the editor of A Little Bit Better. She caught my eye because she writes very honest stories about her own journey on Medium.

What keeps me interested in Michelle is her kindness and support. I love submitting stories to her publication because she always writes back a little note about how much the story inspired her. This makes me feel so encouraged as a writer because she isn’t just publishing my story to get her own ego onto her publication — she’s actually here for human connection just like I am. This makes her publication an incredible community.

I love this About Me story she wrote because she really came alive here. She has such an interesting background in theater and other things. It really makes me grateful to be on Medium with interesting writers who, like me, haven’t followed a “traditional career path.”

Bradlee Bryant

Bradlee, oh Bradlee. I always find it so silly to have a Medium BFF who I call by her pen name. But trust me, Bradlee is a real person and I have emailed back and forth with her for a couple of months now. She’s an amazing person. She has encouraged and supported me so much. Sometimes I have cried when I read her emails.

Bradlee writes mainly about sex and relationships, and normally I wouldn’t be into reading about that. But underlying all her stories is the voice of women everywhere. She grabbed my attention when I read the following story about her being shamed for being a sex-positive writer:

She says she is unashamed of her humanness. It shows in her brilliant writing. This woman has endured a wild year. Her real-life is full of trauma, healing, and surprises (she has written about that too), and yet, she stays focused on writing. She’s my hero. Her writing is real, compassionate, and important. Read it!

Yael Wolfe

I found Yael because Bradlee posted one of her “365 days of sex facts” posts (I think?) where she linked to one of Yael’s stories. I was hooked. Yael also writes with “unashamed humanness,” bringing her stories of womanhood to the eyes of readers. She illuminates us with her journey of life, with all of its beautiful pain and triumphs. Without honest writers like her, we would miss out on stories less-often told about women. She also writes about sex, but I am learning from these women that writing about sex isn’t really just “writing about sex.”

I love this story she wrote about how our society encourages women to be something they are not. We need to be more conscious of how women are portrayed, what we are supposed to think a “perfect woman” is, and how capitalism is taking the reigns on controlling the image of women everywhere. I also love Yale’s stories about being a single woman in her forties. This is real life, people. I love Medium for the true human stories told by the true humans.

Tree Langdon

When I first started writing on Medium, like many other new writers, Illumination published some of my first stories. Tree is an editor with Illumination, and she was one of the first people who gave me feedback on my writing structure. She left a whole ton of “private notes” on my article one day and it woke me up to how my stories look to others. I attribute some of my success on Medium to her patience and kindness in my early days.

Tree writes to inspire, and I love her poetry. One of the things that struck me about her was that she is truly awake. I joined a slack community for Illumination a while back, and immediately she seemed to resonate on my level with all the spirituality stuff. Because of this, I felt that it’s really true — your energy attracts others on the same level as you. Coincidentally, or synchronously, here’s an article she just wrote about resonating with people:

Medium is a place where we make connections. This isn’t just social media; we truly get to know each other here. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the best participants on Medium reveal their authenic selves. We get to see each other with our hair down. I love that. And as a woman trying to navigate this world with the same struggle as other women, I find it really uplifting to make connections here, though we may not meet in real life. Thank you for writing your truths. It really does change lives.

Transformation Coach | Wellness & Oneness Writer | Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher | Single Mom | www.wellnessoneness.com | IG: @shaktimindful

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