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Emily Jennings
Transformation Coach | Wellness & Oneness Writer | Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher | Single Mom | | IG: @shaktimindful

What could be more symbolic of human existence than someone assuming a role?

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I have had countless dreams about drag queens. They put on makeup and get into their costumes to assume a role of a totally new persona. They light up as they enter the stage to show the world this character they’ve conjured up from within them. What could be more of a metaphor for our spiritual journey than a chosen role that is played vibrantly and born out of our creativity? Drag queens are to be revered for this representation of our psyche.

“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag”

— Rupaul

We are souls on a journey…

This recipe includes all six tastes of Ayurveda and is simply delicious

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Early in my studies of Ayurveda, I learned through trial and error how to make the perfect curry. My daughter and I eat this once a week, and it stimulates and digestion while also bringing us nutrients and life force. It includes all six tastes of Ayurveda, which I will identify throughout the ingredients. …

How I discovered the system of holistic health that changed my life

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I will soon be a certified Ayurveda teacher, and I’ve even been teaching others about its benefits as I learn, but one year ago I didn’t know anything about it. It changed my life so quickly that I am completely transformed and I have complete faith in its wisdom. You see, it is a system of mind-body-spirit health that dates back more than five thousand years. It originated in India as part of the Vedic wisdom that also produced yoga. …

Though modern times have us second-guessing our intuition, the knowledge we get from it is real

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We are told to trust materialism in these modern times. We are told to fall in line with the tradition of empiricism, which was put into place a couple of hundred years ago. We are told that the only way we can get knowledge is through experience. And we already know that the only way we get experience is through the five senses. This is a valid argument, but is every premise here true? I don’t think so.

There is a realm of knowledge that is beyond the senses. Unfortunately, if you already think there is nothing that exists unless…

You can’t write about mental health unless you have a doctorate, according to responses I get on Medium

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It seems as though the only angry and negative responses I’ve gotten on Medium are from psychology professionals (or people who claim to be) and their message is consistently this: “You aren’t allowed to ever write about mental health because that requires years of research.” Apparently, having a human mind doesn’t qualify you to analyze it. Apparently, I am not qualified to make any conclusions about the nature of the mind without a doctorate. Apparently, my own experience isn’t something that could ever be useful to someone else. Gatekeeping abounds.

I admit that I write about narcissism, mental health, abuse

An important lesson for writers on Medium

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To this day, after writing seriously on Medium for about four months, I have learned a valuable lesson: people like it when you have a niche. They might like it so much that the Medium algorithm could miss your writing’s value but the readers will still identify it. I have just two majorly popular articles on Medium, presented below, and neither were ever distributed, or as we sometimes call it, curated. in my short time writing on this platform, I’ve learned that people like my spiritual writing, and that’s all that matters.

For proof of my earnings and that they…

Starting a feminist movement within the space of spirituality and wellness

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Who introduced you to meditation? Which spiritual celebrity opened your mind to take a new path? For me, it is Siddhartha (the Buddha), the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru, Paulo Coelho, Roger Gabriel, even Søren Kierkegaard. Do you love Echkart Tolle? Paramahansa Yogananda? Jon Kabat-Zinn? Thich Nhat Hanh? Cool. Me, too. So, which female figure in spirituality taught you to meditate? Or are all the women you know tarot card readers, astrologers, lightworkers, and reiki masters?

I studied philosophy at university and achieved a postgraduate degree in the subject, so I am well accustomed to the way men dominate the…

Some ways parents (specifically, moms) can develop a meditation practice

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It’s a struggle to find time to meditate with a child at home. If you even find a minute to yourself, you’ll likely be interrupted or distracted during the meditation session. Trust me, I am a single mom at home most of the time with a five-year-old. (I just meditated for ten minutes in the bathtub.) But I am training to be a certified meditation teacher, and I am practicing what I preach by meditating every day. How the heck am I doing it?! Well, I'll tell you.

But I’ll also tell you why the whole cultural institution of meditation…

You need to connect with nature regularly for your health

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Ayurveda tells us that we must connect with nature in order to remember and realize the potential of our whole selves. When we witness the intelligence and pure potentiality of nature, we remember that we have that within us. When we walk in nature, we immerse ourselves in our true nature, and when we talk to, touch, and even hug trees, we are connecting with the life around us to gain its wisdom energetically.

Take that walk today. If you’re feeling stress and unfocused, go get yourself grounded in a woodland trail, and let those trees teach you how to…

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