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Emily Jennings
Transformation Coach | Wellness & Oneness Writer | Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher | Single Mom | | Other links:


Through all my life changes, I’m still not sure if I’m doing this right at all

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This post is an entry in Modern Parent’s “Am I Doing This Right?” writing contest.

The year of the pandemic caused me to lose many things — my marriage, my job, and a bunch of money. Not long after it began, I found myself a single mom, suddenly and unexpectedly. Then, not long after that, it was clear that I was about to lose my job. Now, I am an unemployed single mom in a pandemic, and I am completely transformed from who and what I was before it all began. But I have never lost hope.

I come up…

How I developed my abilities to navigate subtle signs

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This morning as I unfurled my yoga mat, I found a little bird sitting outside on our balcony, right up against the glass looking in at me. Yesterday on the same balcony, a large dragonfly was resting on the screen door. I also keep hearing songs on the radio with messages in them and seeing numbers like 111 at unexpected times. Even the weather speaks to me.

Six months ago, I wrote a story about the messages that I was just beginning to receive from the universe for the first time. That article has changed my life and many others…

Your old friends may not mesh with the awakened you.

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I’ve butted heads with friends lately. It’s still happening. The last of my old friends seem to be coming up incompatible with me. As soon as I realized who I really am and I set boundaries, I found myself speaking up without fear. I tell people they’re overstepping my boundaries and that I am not okay with it. Even old friends. I have realized that there is something even more important and precious to me than friendship — authenticity.

In the summer of 2020, I unfriended or blocked more people on Facebook than I ever had in the entire ten…

3 ways to reclaim your innate healing powers

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What is ‘health’ to you? Most people seem to think that health has to do with doctors and medicine. I was choosing an icon for my Linktree page the other day and when I searched for “health” all I got were images of syringes (yuck), nurses, doctors, and hospitals. That really worried me. Is our association with health so intertwined with the modern medical system that we can’t imagine any way to be healthy without it?

Disclaimer: This is all my opinion and what I’ve learned from becoming a certified holistic health coach, and not meant to be a substitute…

Travel. South Africa. Culture.

South Africa is the most spiritual place I’ve ever been to.

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I lived in South Africa for a year when I was eighteen years old. I had saved up money from working in a retail job, and I knew I had to embark on this exchange student journey to this country which had just ended Apartheid eight years earlier. I learned a bit of Afrikaans before going, and I tried to understand the society I’d be immersed in from books, but nothing really could have prepared me for that year. It was like being thrown into an ocean that would eventually spit me out as a completely new person.

The wildest…

The parenting choices I made in this pandemic made me a stronger person.

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My daughter and I spent most of 2020 in a cage. Our tiny apartment in downtown D.C. had 550 square feet and a view of a parking lot. We never moved there with the intention of being indoors much. But as the pandemic hit, we were confined to this cage. I had to muster a lot of inner power and strength to develop convictions about getting fresh air, outdoor time, and wearing masks on playdates.

I always thought wearing a mask at a playground was pointless. There had never been any study I could find about the transmission of COVID-19…

We’ve all lived many lives, so we should have more compassion

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I am white. At least, I am right now — in this life. I believe we’ve all lived many lives, embodying different roles in many places and times. Once I embraced this, it was immediately obvious that I’ve been humans of many races. And trust me, when you understand that you’ve probably embodied male and female and every race, a door opens to complete compassion for all of humanity. There’s no room for bigotry anymore.

When you understand life as a manifestation of your soul into a physical form, you begin to let go of attachments to all the things…

I was keeping my truth quiet, and now it’s out.

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I recently attended a webinar in which a semi-well-known meditation teacher (and sort of spiritual leader) was talking about how to teach others to meditate. I asked a question in the Q&A, and part of me wanted to delete the question as soon as I wrote it. “No, you need to hear this answer,” my intuition told me. Little did I know, it would be an impactful and transformational experience to hear the painful answer that was coming. it led me to totally re-think how I was approaching everything in my life.

Before I tell you the question I asked…

I had fears and reservations about getting out in the woods with my daughter

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I went camping with my daughter, just the two of us, for the first time last weekend. We usually go camping with others. I was kind of worried, to tell the truth. I googled “safety for single parent camping” and all the results I saw were about wild animals. But I am not scared of wild animals, I am scared of humans. So, I thought I’d better write the article that I couldn’t find anywhere and talk about why fears of injury aren’t the scary part of camping. …

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