If You Moved in 2020, You Did a Spiritual Thing

Transition and change is what this year has been about

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Many people felt the internal call to change old habits and clear the way for new ways of living and thinking since March 2020. World events have thrown us into a forced change that made us face the things that are not working for us anymore. One of those things might have been your local surroundings, leading you to choose to move. This is a spiritual act.

I just moved this past weekend, and I hadn’t moved in a a few years. The neighborhood wasn’t working for me anymore. It was stressful to go outside. My soul simply didn’t relate to the people around there anymore. I found myself in disagreement with their ideas about the pandemic in general, and everything fun or good we used to do there had been taken away by the local government. So, when my husband left my daughter and I and disappeared from our lives in July, that was enough reason to completely move ourselves to a new place.

The apartment had grown on us. I was feeling comfortable with its energy. appliances and door knobs started to break as we prepared to move. It feels like death and a rebirth when you move out of the place you’ve been living and been attached to. Your spirit is letting go of attachment to a place that it derived so much life force from. And maybe that apartment in its energy derived something from us.

As I put our belongings into boxes, I faced the act of examining every object we owned. Our entire life was to be boxed up and taken in a moving truck. That feels significant. All the things we own seemed to sprawl out in our home, our nest…but they were able to be consolidated so readily. And we greeted a mountain of boxes in our new home, making it apparent that we don’t need many of these things to live. We had far more things than we could need.

BUT…many of those things were important to our spirits.

Every toy, every notebook, every blanket, every cooking utensil was carefully placed in boxes. I felt each thing that I had to sift through, and remember its significance in my life. Each thing had something to do with our ability to live on this Earth, in this form. Our spirits may not be material, but their ability to manifest here, and to do so in a quality form, depends on not only our bodies and their functions but on these objects.

Our bodies we inhabit depend on the ability to cook a loving, nourishing meal. Our ability to be happy and comfortable in this life, in these bodies, depends on the knowledge that at the end of the day we can snuggle our favorite stuffed animal and curl up under the soft blanket. When we feel close to enlightenment, we appreciate the notebook where we can record these amazing thoughts.

Being attached in some way to material things is not completely undesirable because these comforts and tools help our bodies reach a destination. Then, when we meditate on non-attachment, we can acknowledge that these objects got us there, and that it’s okay that our surface personalities were attached to them — and they can still be. We can exist in two realms once we’ve reach bliss and returned again.

Whenever we move, it forces our spirits to confront the objects that are helping us on this journey called life — and the objects that aren’t.

Transformation Coach | Wellness & Oneness Writer | Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher | Single Mom | www.wellnessoneness.com | IG: @shaktimindful

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