My Writing Makes Therapists Very Angry

You can’t write about mental health unless you have a doctorate, according to responses I get on Medium

It seems as though the only angry and negative responses I’ve gotten on Medium are from psychology professionals (or people who claim to be) and their message is consistently this: “You aren’t allowed to ever write about mental health because that requires years of research.” Apparently, having a human mind doesn’t qualify you to analyze it. Apparently, I am not qualified to make any conclusions about the nature of the mind without a doctorate. Apparently, my own experience isn’t something that could ever be useful to someone else. Gatekeeping abounds.

I admit that I write about narcissism, mental health, abuse, toxic positivity, and therapists sometimes because I know these people will flock to my articles and write five-paragraph responses. It’s the sign of a trending article. And I sometimes get a kick out of it. I won’t lie.

These psychology enthusiasts can’t read an article from a ‘normal’ person about the topic without making sure they say what’s wrong with it. They have to call me names sometimes or tell me how they are 100% sure that I know nothing and I have done no research, therefore all the things I am saying about being a positive person and lifting yourself out of darkness are false.

Why? Probably because they want to keep a monopoly on healing. I write about self-healing an awful lot. But I focus on the higher self, not the ego. That’s because I believe in it. I live it. Apparently living it isn’t enough to write about it. Writing about personal experiences is really offensive to some people, you know. I think they wish I’d write “I did it, and no one else should try” rather than “I did it, and so can you.” According to these readers, my meditation practice that has released me from fear and anxiety is an anomaly, and it’s harmful that I tell these stories because they might inspire someone else. Harmful. This is the actual word used by people responding about my writing over and over.

My message is only that once you find a reference point within yourself for healing, you will be liberated. And this is supposed to seem harmful.

Please, someone who is a therapist comment once in a while and say, “You are correct or close to being correct.” Break the cycle.

I lied a little — probably all of my Medium trolls aren’t therapists. But I can’t think of one that isn’t mad about my writing on mental health. There are people in this world — some of them therapists — who truly don’t believe in happiness. I write about the power of your mind to reach a new state, about enlightenment, about bliss, and about self-liberation. This really triggers some people, believe it or not. People will rabidly defend the fact that life is miserable and trying to speak from a positive viewpoint isn’t allowed. They might read one of my posts and instead of implementing my advice from personal experience to achieve happiness, they will expend all their energy bombarding me with endless responses to try to negate it.

The irony is that the reason I am writing is that I feel a call to help exactly this type of person. There are people trapped in their own minds. They believe their lives are shit. But I know from living that and experiencing it, and then moving myself to a new mindset, that they can get themselves to joyful living. I have been where they are. Their comments about me not having done my research are making a ton of assumptions about me as a person.

I mean, do you think I was born with a positive mindset? Everyone on Earth has their struggles.

I know that the more comments I get from these people, the more time they’ve spent considering my point of view. It’s being digested into their overall being. It’s there making a space in their heads. It might not make an impact on them to find happiness in life right now, but maybe someday it will.

I find it funny that they think my writing is so harmful, truly. They act like I am an extremely hateful person because I have hope for the human race.

Iam not writing on Medium to hurt you. I came here originally to help people, totally in service of others. I felt a call to tell others about liberation and my experiences in my spiritual awakening in my first post on here. It is my purpose. I didn’t even sign up to earn money on Medium for the first few months because that wasn’t the reason for my presence here.

People can call me all the names they want, but that will never reverse my inner truth. I know it will sound really stubborn and ignorant to someone who doesn’t get it, but the more trolls I have telling me that I am evil because I won’t admit that life is supposed to be sad, the more I know for sure that my work is far from done.

Hi, I’m Emily. I write about wellness, consciousness, and existence, and I enjoy connecting with others who are waking up. I coach others in their journeys to perfect health through Ayurveda and meditation. Visit my website and social media pages to connect, support, and find out more about me.

The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

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