When I Meditate Lately, I Go Into a Trance

I’m contacted by spiritual guides and have visions you wouldn’t believe — and you can, too.

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

I’ve been meditating in new ways lately. I have found that when I expand my mind and allow the limits of my beliefs to fall away, really amazing things start to happen.

Meditation can be for peace and focus, but it can also be for transcending the world you believe you’re part of. Are you part of it?

Are you sure?

I let go of the idea that this life is what I perceive. I let go of the attachment to my body as a physical, solid form, and I let it be an amalgamation of particles and waves, just like the rest of the universe. My consciousness is boundless.

When the limits are gone, I can contact other souls and talk to my spiritual guides on a higher plane. They’re helping us all the time. You aren’t alone, did you know that? You are supported and loved. Allow that in.

Transformation Coach | Wellness & Oneness Writer | Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher | Single Mom | www.wellnessoneness.com | IG: @shaktimindful

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